Choose perfectly contact lenses for wedding

Many brides are wearing Contact lenses for the wedding. If you are the one that not normally wear lenses then there are several things that you need to prepare. This tip is also important for that bride who usually wears contact lenses for daily as you will wear these contact lenses for an extra-long day in wedding ceremony and party.

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on their special day. The big eye contact lenses are the perfect option to turn your ordinary eye look to dramatic look. You also can choose the colored contact lenses. Buy your wedding contact lenses 2 or 3 months before your wedding day to ensure it fits with you. You also need to wear the contact lenses at least 3 weeks before marriage to train your eyes wearing contact lenses and make it comfortable all day.

Dream Color Matake Gray

This is realistic contact lenses that deliver a unique look to eye color. It looks natural in your eye. The water content 40% and diameter size is 14.50 with the Plano size till -8.00. You also can choose the other color option such as dark gray or brown from Matake contact lenses.

Dream Color Matake Gray is very comfortable to wear, Perfectly use for your wedding days. These lenses contain Silicon Hydrogels so warm and soft to wear even for sensitive eyes and also equipped with UV Protection, is excellent for you who will be doing outdoor activities to protect the eyes from the sun.

Sweety Chanell Gray

Sweety Chanell Colored Contact lenses will make you look fabulous in every party this month. This product has become the customers’ favorite since it is launched for the first time. The lens comes with the realistic type that will look natural on your eyes. The gray and brown color provided is absolutely wonderful and create certain illusion that your eyes look natural. The base curve of this product is 8.6 mm while the diameter is 14.50.

This is the other realistic contact lenses that contain 2 pieces of contact lenses with the same prescription. If you in a condition have a different prescription for both eyes, then you should order 2 boxes. The maximal duration is 1 month and diameter size is 14,50 with Plano size till -6.00.

Dream Color Maki Gray

Maki Gray is highly recommended for those who have narrow eyes because this contact lens gives you an excellent eyes effect like a doll because of the dark circles on the edge of the lens. However, you do not have to worry about the appearance of your eyes that look unnatural because the color of almond chocolate can give natural effects nan beautiful.

Maki Grey is the most popular wedding contact lenses on Softlens Queen. The lenses will deliver a unique look to eyes color for wedding photography. It's will looks natural in your eye. The water content 40% and diameter size is 14.50 with the Plano size till -6.00. Perfectly for wedding photography

EOS Adelio Gray

This is the realistic contact lenses that will enhance your eyes dramatically with vibes light color in your eyes. The water content is 40% so you need to clean it often to ensure it moist and wear comfortable in your eyes. It goes with a light blue graphic on the edge and yellow in the center pupil.

Eos Adelio Gray is one of Softlens Queen Favorites by customer. The lenses will deliver a dramatic look on your eyes. Pretty recommended for wedding photography. It's will looks natural in your eye. The water content 40% and diameter size is 14.50 with the Plano size till -6.00. Perfectly for wedding photography

Contact Lenses for Wedding

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Things need to know for the bride when consider
wearing contact lenses for wedding

For the bride who regular use correction lenses then you is familiar to put them on, remove and cleaning and deal with contact lenses in general.

  • If you wear contact lenses because you need vision correction, then visit eye doctor, ask prescription and eye examination. This will give you the correct size and optical strength.
  • Try contact lenses a few days before you wear for the wedding. Practice on how to put and remove contact lenses before the wedding day. Remember for keeps the hand clean when put the contact lenses.
  • In the wedding day, wear the contact lenses before start makeup. Choose the oil-free product especially in around of your eyes. The oil content in eye shadow and cream will work to contours the natural of your eyes and face.

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