5 Tips to Keep Wearing Contact Lens and Having Good Vacation on Summer


Do you plan to have a vacation this summer? That’s a good idea. Having a vacation will help you to relieve some stress. Then, you will get a refreshed body and mind, which is good for your activity. Now, if you want to experience the best vacation, you need to plan everything. It’s also including if you want to wear contact lenses during your vacation. There are 5 tips you can try for having a great vacation, even though you are still wearing your contact lenses.


The Comfort

Make sure you feel comfortable when you start your journey to other places. Wearing contact lenses in the airplane can give you some of the eye problems, like dry eyes because of AC and cabin humidity. Therefore, make sure you bring anything that makes you feel more comfortable when you wear contact lenses.

For example, you can carry eye drops or rewetting agent. There is the rule of how much you can bring, so make sure you follow it. And for the eye drops the product, you can try Rohto Lycee Eye Drops. Or, you also can prepare eyeglasses. So, you can change between contact lenses and eyeglasses, to get the most comfortable feeling.

Use the Portable Kit

Bring contact lenses kit that easy to carry. The LINE contact lens travel kits are a good product. You can get everything that you need. Moreover, this product also has several unique and cute choices, such as Cony, Brown, and Sally. Using the travel kit like this will really help you. Moreover, the contact lens travel kit product is also made, so it is suitable for airport regulation.

Use UV Protection for Your Eyes

UV protection isn’t only for the skin. Your eyes also need it. The easiest way to do this is by wearing the sunglasses that have UV blocking feature. Of course, you don’t need to remove the contact lenses. So, wear both of them, and your eyes will be protected from the dangerous effect of UV light. This is an important thing to do, especially if you plan to have a vacation in summer or go to the tropical country.

Pay More Attention to the Sun Cream

Sun cream is useful to protect your skin from UV light. However, you need to be careful not to use it near your eyes. When the sun cream enters your eyes, while you wearing contact lenses, it can give you a problem. The contaminated contacts lenses can give you an eye infection. This can become a serious problem, which will need doctor help. And, when you got this on your vacation, it will ruin everything.

Before You Go Into the Water

Remove your contact lenses before you take a dip. If you don’t do that, it can cause many eye problems, such as infection, irritation and even dangerous eye disease, such as corneal ulcers. However, if you plan to keep wearing contact lenses on special occasion, you can use the specially designed mask or goggles. Usually, these products are the prescribed product. Basically, those are what you need to do, in order to have a good vacation, while still wearing contact lenses.

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